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About Epp

Epp is a digital marketplace for consumers of services, job seekers and providers of needed services and employers of labor.

We are trying to help bridge the communication gap between the market pool of those demanding various services and those willing and capable of offering valuable services to satisfy the market.

The Eppers

Search for local businesses

On the app, local businesses can create accounts as 'eppers', complete with images and contact information and customers can seek them out by service and state.


Contact local businesses

After looking through previous customer reviews and business ratings, customers (LOOKERS) can easily message the businesses (EPPERS) and start a transaction with said business.

Other Features

Uneditable Reviews

We make customers' reviews uneditable for integrity purposes.

Faves List

Users can add businesses to their fave list for easier accessibility.

Events & Vacancies

Our app has 'Events' and 'Vacancies' as services that users can check for in any state.

Easy Navigation

App is easy to navigate and sign up process is simple.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does one need two accounts as an EPPER and a LOOKER?

No, one user account can be used for both. Users can switch easily to just an EPPER or just a USER, but to have access to both, user should sign up as an EPPER.

How can one promote their business on the app?

Businesses can subscribe for the EPPER account and then get a quote from our contact page below to promote business to every phone that has downloaded our app.

Can one advertise events or even job vacancies on the app?

Yes, just select 'Events' or 'Vacancy' as the service offered and sign up. We can also help promote these - get a quote from our contact page below.

What is the subscription fee?

The fee is only for the EPPER accounts. LOOKER accounts are free! We charge a simple sum of N500 per month or N5000 per year for eppers to have their business on Epp. Na de work wey we dey do.

Can businesses be reported on the app?

That is what the reviews are for. Speak your mind concerning the transaction you and the business had. However, you can also reach out to us on our social media, WITH PROOF, and we can see what we can do.

How can one make suggestions or inquiries about Epp?

You can reach out to us on any of our social media pages and we would respond as soon as possible.